SEDI Connect

Smart, Connected Seating Module provides shade along with wireless and USB charging facilities for mobile devices. The incorporated solar panel and battery bank provides power for  lighting and a wide range of optional features include Info Screens, Wi-Fi Hotspots and IoT sensors such as people counting, air quality, weather etc.


Ideal for Transit Stations and Coaching Boxes, providing sheltered seating. The incorporated solar array and battery bank provides power for Wireless and USB charging facilities for mobile devices and lighting. Optional features include Info Screens, IoT Sensors and Wi-Fi Hotspots. CCTV can be provided for extra funtionality

SEDI Gather

Featuring a fully integrated solar roof and battery bank,  providing sheltered seating for a wide variety of situations including pop-up dining, school and university campuses and more. Standard features include wireless and USB charging and lighting  with a range of optional add-ons including Info Screens, IoT sensors, CCTV and more.


Ideal for a more intimate dining experience, providing sheltered seating for up to 4 adults and fully equipped with lighting and wireless and USB charging facilities. The incorporated solar system can also provide power for Info Screens, Wi-Fi Hotpots, IoT Sensors, CCTV and more.

SEDI Pause

The ultimate in individual seating, this sheltered lounger provides wireless and USB charging for mobile devices through the integrated autonomous solar power supply. The Sedi Pause is at equally home on the foreshore as park lands and rural settings.

SEDI Retreat

A new generation of fully autonomous accommodation units. Self powering and prefabricated using only the best in fully sustainable materials. A range of sizes  floor plans are available and each unit can be equipped to suit particular requirements.  


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South Australia


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