About Us

Who We Are

SEDI is a division of Specialised Solutions dedicated to the design and manufacture of Smart Urban Furniture, based in The Tonsley Innovation District of Adelaide, South Australia.

What We Do

The SEDI Range of Smart Urban Furniture has been developed to combine technology and design with sustainability and practicality. Luxurious, shaded seating elements with USB and QI- Wireless charging stations, touchscreen information centres, wireless hot spots and Wi-Fi connectivity. All autonomously powered by self contained, solar charged Lithium-Ion battery systems.

Data can be collected from a wide range of optional sensors including weather and air quality, people counting and more.

Energy efficient LED lighting can also be added to provide an extra layer of safety and security in the public domain along with first aid kits and emergency call/panic buttons.

Why We Do It

The key word behind the creation of SEDI is Flexibility. Each product can be customised to suit project requirements and can also incorporate a wide range of IoT connected sensors including people counting, weather and air quality and more.

SEDI Seating elements  provide an easy-to-install solution to enhance the safety and connectivity of our communities.

Our Workshop


Our 5500m² workshop has the capacity to run multiple large scale assembly and production projects.

With the flexibility to assemble engineering solutions completely off site at our facility, we completely minimise on site disruption and enable effective delivery and installation of all solutions.

Business Divisions

SEDI is a division of Specialised Solutions and a sister division of Specialised Solar Solutions. Our business divisions work together and utilise the Specialised Solutions facility, which adds significant value to our clients by leveraging one facility with a full range of intellectual capital to drive innovative solutions.


1284 South Road,
Tonsley, 5042,
South Australia


(08) 8354 2211