Sustainable, Connected Solutions

Where Design, Sustainability & Technology come together

The SEDI range of Smart Urban Furniture

is flexible in design and can be adapted to suit many purposes. Self-Powering, fully autonomous and IoT connected, we use only responsibly sourced, sustainable material in our manufacturing processes.


Sedi’s fluid and natural design allows it to fit into all surroundings beautifully.

Features & Technology

Sedi uses state of the art technology to increase comfort, safety and usability whilst improving the visual tone of its surroundings.

Extra Features

Bespoke flexibility allows us to meet individual customers needs whilst making individual technology options available.

  • Screens
  • Wi-Fi
  • Mobile Website
  • Customised Technology

Sustainable Materials

Solar Panels

Sedi is completely powered by its integrated solar panels.


The in built battery is charged by the solar panels and used as needed.

Charging (USB, Qi)

Sedi allows users to relax and charge their digital devices through the in built battery with multiple plugins available.


The upper section of the form can provide shade and shelter.


Lighting options are available for added safety and visual appeal at night.


1284 South Road,
Tonsley, 5042,
South Australia


(08) 8354 2211